That MissDizZzyCreations' Custom Nendoroid commissions thing

This post is about my Custom Nendoroid commissions and everything you need to know about before ordering. So let's go to the basics! :)

♡ I know it's a really long text, sorry, but please, read it all ♡

- I've got my sales permission on May 7th, 2017 by Areica96
- I live in Brazil and ship worldwide
- My feedback can be found here! :)
- I sell to EVERYONE, except:
• Banned members
• People with negative feedback about abandoning commissions (I had loss recently)
• People who doesn't sell/trade for my country. Why??
I make this job home, you see. I can't travel to your country with all the material and make my job at your house, so the base HAS to be sent to Brazil and the Custom HAS to travel all the way back to your home, so if you don't trust, like or want to sell/send anything for someone who lives in Brazil, I'm sorry, but I can't take your order too.

☆ Currently accepting orders? Only for 2019. My schedule is fulfilled for 2018, thanks everyone! 💕 ☆

Remembering the issues with Sal-R and the customs are still affecting some base delivers; it caused a domino effect that affected all the commissions with some delay, but I'm really trying to do my best for solving it! Tgat's the reason why I not getting more commissions for this year too.

I'm actually taking commissions only for Nendoroid!! I started working with Figma/SHFiguarts recently, but unless I find some split website that sells loose pieces, I guess it's not a good idea to take orders for them right now.

I can make ANY Pokémon character! Even the ones I've already done! I can make any character, even when it's not a Pokémon's. Yeah, I can make your OC!! ❤

But how does it work?
I have a type of calendar where I try to put one order per month. A month is usually enough for the whole process to be done, including sending WIP pictures to your approval, but unforeseen events happens, you know.

The custom process price starts at US$50, includes the custom job and box. Some characters have lots of small details, or a single larger item that is really difficult to make (Lysandre's hair, my dear, I'm pointing at you!); these kind of things increases time taken, the difficulty and so, the price increases a little bit too.
The custom price doesn't include the Nendoroid piece, so it's up to you to choose to work with original or bootleg pieces, or even mix both (I usually change bootleg joints for original ones when their quality is too low). Once we choose the base piece, I'm gonna help you find it at the best price possible!

The base piece needs to be as close to your character as possible (I can't use a Hatsune Miku to make Lance), we're gonna choose it together, so don't worry. Once here in my country things are a little more expensive than they should, I still prefer to buy them sealed or loose pieces on split websites that I know. Yahoo Auctions can be a really source for original stuff costing really cheap. When everything goes right, It takes about 45 days for me to receive, that's the reason why I use a calendar. It already happened of a package to stay two months only on customs, but if it happens, I'll let you know.
But I only ask you to trust me and pay for the figure on the moment I get it. I had problems with withdrawals recently and really a trully loss because I bought the piece from my own money, so I can't do it anymore.

I have some reservation money I use for those figures got on auctions or when it must be paid instantly. I count on this money for ALL my schedule line and if you don't pay for your base piece ASAP the result is a delay for all the line, so please I count on you!

I usually only send messages when I have something new to say: when I receive your base, when I'm gonna start working/1st payment for commission, when the custom starts looking like the chosen character (first approval), when it's already finished/final photoshoot/choose box pattern, when the box and figure are ready to send/second payment + shipping. Between this, don't you worry if I get lost, but if you follow me in my profiles ( missdizzzycreations on Instagram or Facebook) you can follow all the custom process on the stories!! I post everything there and they will be highlighted later. Even if you lost something, I repost everything on "Making off" table of your Custom profile on my Instagram. Really, check it out!

I accept PayPal for payments; they're 50% of the custom before I start working and another 50% + shipping before it's ready to send. Any doubts, use the comments! :)

Beautiful World Collection

Let me introduce you to my Lysandre's collection!! He's my favorite pokémon character and my favorite games character at all! 💕
I consider my Flare collection as a part of it, but now let's focus on Lys.

Here we have an overview!! 😄

But once there're so many things to see in one picture, let's list one by one:

My little baby and very own grail! His custom Nendoroid made by myself!!
It took me about two months working on him, he was my first custom trying and I was really happy with his result! But he had mistakes and once he's my favorite, I take many pictures of him and many accidents happen during the photo shoots, so he's always on repair! I love him! 💕


Pokémon Center T-shirt.
Unfortunately I got the wrong size and it looks like a dress on me! 😅 But I love it anyway


Pokémon Center Clearfile set

I almost bought the whole set only because of Lysandre's clearfile, but I decided to stay with Archie's and Maxie's too! I still have Giovanni's and Ghetsis' for sale...

Pokémon Center postcards

Pokémon Center Rubber strap

Pokémon Center Sketchbook

Pokémon Center Stickers

Lysanchu notecard - it was a free gift from Pokémon Center! 💕

Rainbow Rocket illustration post from Alola Artbook

Japanese Pokémon Center folder from Secret Teams event.

Ring and Gyaradosite.
This ring was sold by Pokémon Center. Even though it wasn't sold like Lysandre's mega ring, I consider it, once he's the only character who owns a mega ring like this and it's exactly the ring he uses on FA TCG card illustration:

Pokémon Center postcard from Secret Teams 1st wave.

TCG Itens

Pokémon Center Sleeves

I have his TCG card collection almost complete. It's missing only a TCG card and a Sleeves set.

Event Pokémon

Lysandre's Pyroar from Secret Teams event. 2016

Lysandre's Mienshao from Secret Teams event (wave 2). 2018


This is a very important part! I'm really missing this babies to make my collection (and myself) a little happier!

Pokémon Center Lysanchu plush
When I bought my Lys stuff it was my first time buying on Japanese Pokémon Center by myself. I was a little lost and deleted the plush from my cart by mistake! I only figured it out when the box arrived home. I was so sad! 💔 I want this little baby really much!

no title
Pokémon Center Lysanchu gashapon figure - in fact I t the whole villainchu figure set, but I want an extra Lysanchu. I never had lucky to get this one! 😓

Pokémon Center Lysanchu TCG card.

TCG Sleeves

Pokémon Center Badge

Pokémon Center Secret Teams candy tin

And every item from Lysanchu and Lysandre you can't see on this list or on my collection itself!

I love custom items of any kind, so charms, perler beads pieces, plushes or anything else are welcome too.

Thanks for reading! ❤

More wishes and wanting list! <3

I posted my Snivy family wanting list some time ago, so let's do the other lists! :)

Let's start from Dragonite (and evo family) because it's the easier. This is my Dragonite collection nowadays:

I have only one grail wish in this collection, and it's actually the DX Tomy! This one is really hard to find! :(

The rule about the my Dratini/Air/Nite collection, both for figures and plushies, except for DX Tomy is: "if isn't in this picture, I actually want"! Iris' angry Dragonite itens are very welcome here too! :)
About Flat/Misc I'm making my focus in TCG Cards and itens Lance related (Lance's Dragonite with Lance). I'm really lazy to take pics of the Dratini evo line cards I have, but just remember I have anyone from gens 6th and 7th! Any Dratini evo line cards from XY, Generations and Sun/Moon are sure it will make me happy!! I also like to collect cards in very different languages, so if you have cards in other languages than Portugese or English, even if I already have it, I'll be happy! French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian... <3

Talking about Dragonite, let's change to Dragon Master! This cute guy right here! ^^

My Lance's collection looks small because it's really small because he almost don't have items related... It's so sad! :( But ok, this is my collection until now:

I guess I have every original Pokémon Center itens related to him, but I'm not sure! If there's an original item you know it exists, you eventually have and you can't see in this pictures, just show me! I'll surely want it. ^^"
I also bought the HG/SS Guidebook recently, but it isn't in this pic because it's still in the way!

- I don't know if Lance appears/is mentioned in the FR/LG guidebook. If yes, I'm also interested on it! :)
- I'm also interested on loose pages of magazines/books he appears
- The Adventures Manga on Yellow's chapter when Lance appears, it can be any volume. It's actually being released here in Brazil, but same as TCG cards, I like to collect in other languages too! So it can be in English, Japanese, Spanish... Don't mind!

- TCG Cards. These one are important! :D
There's a collection called VS, it was released only in Japan for a looong time ago! You could see in my pics I have four Lance's Cards from this collection (dragonite, Kingdra, Gyarados and Ampharos), but there's still three missing:

Lance's Aerodactyl

Lance's Charizard (this one is really expensive and is not the first on my Priority list right now)

Lance's TM. This one is riddiculously rare and I don't have an idea of price because I just never found one! If it wasn't for Bulbapedia I wouldn't even know it exists!! If someone finds this one for me, I'm gonna love this person for eternity!! I've found it on eBay when I was searching for the image, but I still didn't bought, so... ;)

Custom Items I have the Pinypon custom I made about three years ago, this pillow an Brazilian artisan made about four years ago, an doll custom I'm making on an Ever After High doll and a Nendoroid I'm gonna finish in next months. I'm always searching for any kind of custom itens too: Acrylic charms, plushies, custom tags, buttons... anything!!
Talking about custom itens, this is my perler wall! :)

Any Lance's sprite you can't find here are welcome! <3 (The B2/w2 sprite would make me really happy)

At least, My Lysandre's wanting list!!
This is my Lys' collection nowadays

Even with XY&Z, there isn't much original stuff about him... There was some items from Team Flare on Secret Teams collection; my Flare collection is 99% complete, except for the Flarechu plush keychain and the gruntchus TCG card! So I'm almost done with Flare stuff and taking my focus on my Little Pyroar guy! <3

- I'm actually looking for the X/Y guide book which he appears (not the loose page, the entire guidebook)
- I'm also interested on loose pages of magazines/books he appears (lots of CoroCoro, please!!)
- I don't know if it's an original item, but I already saw people who owns the concept arts printed. If it's original items, I'd like to have the Lys's arts. (People calls them here in other name I can't remember right now. I'm talking about this)

He has four of these: This one focused on him, other for his glasses, other for his "Dr. Octopus cosplay" and another for his "cockroach bracelet" (I don't know the name that things have!!)
- The Adventures Mangá on XY when he appears, it can be any volume and any language. But please, avoid that volume when he dies and it shows his dead body... Please, just don't!! I'm always trying to forget he was killed three times! :'(

TCG Cards.
Lysandre's Trump Card - Basic version. I know it's silly!! I know this one is cheap and ordinary to find, but I'm really not lucky with this one! I tried to buy it three times and in these three times, they got lost at post office!! This card hates me! :'( Once I'm not lucky to get it in any language, any language is welcome! (But the last one I've lost was a Japanese one, so I'd be much happier if it was a Japanese card)

(this is exactly the card I've bought last and got lost! :'( )

The other basic card with other languages - I actually have them in Portuguese and English. I'd prefer to have the cards in the languages which his name changes (Fuladari, Lysson, Flordelis...)

Custom Itens I actually have only this Nendoroid I made (I love it SO HARD)! <3 Any kind of custom items are welcome, but there's one that is such a grail for me, this one!
THIS ACRILYC CHARM IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! It was made by an artisan called InkyBlackKnight. I bought some charms from them, and I recieved a little card with this Lys illustration (you can see it on collection's picture). I was really hoping they re-release this Lys charm (It was a #PerfectWorldShipping set and Sycamore came togeher), but unfortunately they stopped making charms. I still hope I'm gonna find it someday!
But I'm also always searching for any kind of custom itens too: Acrylic charms, plushies, custom tags, buttons... anything!! <3

About perler sprites, I found this one so cute!

credits to: KurisuSai
I'd love to have a sprite of him on HG/SS style (just like the Lances on my wall), but I still haven't found nothing like this on my searchings... :(

Well I guess everything is here in this wall text! My Snivy evo line wishes you can find here! Thanks so much for reading! <3

The best grass starter wanting list! <3

Here it goes, that's my wishes list, at least for the things I know it exists! If you have anything else that isn't here, you can ask me if I'm interested. This list is only for Snivy and Family. I need to make the others wanting lists, but I'm interested in everything Dragonite, Lance or Lysadre related, ok! :)

It's not all made yet!!!

Ok, lets go!

Snivy / Servine / Serperior

Snivy family Zukan Set. Complete, with the three pokémon and the base, please

Snivy Chou figure - Both versions

Serperior Chou figure - The clear one I already have. Just the other one

Servine Jakks Figure - Gotcha! :D But I still want the green and beautiful stand!

Snivy family Bandai Plamo Set

Snivy Family Jumbo TCG card

(Impossible, but let's try) Shiny Snivy Kids

Snivy Moncolle Plus

Serperior Moncolle Plus

Snivy Clipping Figure - (with box and card, if possible)

Servine Clipping Figure/Motion Gallery (same as snivy)

Anything else about Snivy family figures you can't see in this picture

Oh, Hello! :D

Nice to meet you!
I'm Aline, from São Paulo, Brazil! :)

I started collecting Pokémon about three years ago. My favorite Pokémon is Dragonite, the Pokémon I like to collect most is Snivy!
I love Lance and Lysandre too, and I try to collect things from them as long as I find something! <3
And of course, I love Sailor Moon and collect Moonie itens too!

If you speak Portuguese you'll be welcome at my Brazilian weblog, which is focused on Pokémon collection and a guide for newbies Brazilian collectors (we have our own kind of suffering, sometimes). This is Miss Says Hi, where this cute and kind Flygon is the owner! <3

You can find me also at Gemr (profile here) and at My Figure Collection (Profile Here)

Here comes some pics I love! <3

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